Shortly before he died, his dog waited for him standing in front of the door

For pets, there is no worse hope than having to spend a moment without the human parents they love so much. No matter if they are 5 minutes or days apart, they will always welcome us with all their love.

Just as a hearing-impaired puppy named Cotton waited two long days for his human father, an Oregon National Guard soldier in the United States named Phil.

Although it was a short time for the lovely white pit bull, the 2 days seemed like an eternity! The puppy was sad and withdrawn, for his father that had to go to military training.

For not finding comfort without his father’s presence, the dog spent two days at the foot of his house door, raising the curtain to monitor the arrival of anyone entering the property, hoping to be his friend.

The minutes of separation continued to run and although he was accompanied by his human mother, Cotton was reluctant to walk away from the front door, he wanted to be the first to receive his father!

Fortunately, when he least expected it, Cotton saw a familiar face approaching the house in the distance. The puppy wasn’t convinced of what he saw, so he lifted the curtain as far as he could and pushed his head to see if it was Phil coming home.

The puppy could barely contain his emotion when he realized that his father had actually returned! When Phil walked through the door, Cotton jumped for joy from side to side on the soldier’s legs.

He really missed him.

The puppy didn’t know how to express to the human being how much he missed him. He filled her with kisses and cuddles with his legs. What a sweet reunion! Finally, his family was reunited and he didn’t want to spend a single moment without a parent!

Unfortunately, right after the emotional reunion with his father, Cotton became ill due to his advanced age. Phil and his family had to make the difficult decision to sleep with him to stop him from continuing to suffer without any treatment that could ease his pain.

The sweet child died in his father’s arms knowing that he had lived a full and happy life.

Fly beautiful puppy!

Without a doubt, there is nothing more pure and sincere than the love of an animal. Fly tall cotton! Your legacy will always be in our memory.

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