Shoe store houses stray dogs when it rains

Unfortunately, in many countries there are hundreds of stray animals that don’t have a safe place to live or a family to feed and love them.

Under these circumstances, animals are helpless in time and sick without anyone taking care of them. But something that gives joy to my heart is to realize that there are too many people who can do anything to help them, and that they do not hesitate to take action when it comes to make this poor dogs lives easier.

Today I want to talk about the owner of a store in Oaxaca, Mexico, whose gesture melted my heart.

The owner of the Juliancito shoe store in Oaxaca became a hero of the abandoned animals. It gives them shelter during stormy and rainy days.

Most stores tend to ignore the large number of dogs that roam the city with no one to care for them. But this shoe store does the opposite: it opens its doors so they don’t get wet and end up getting sick.

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Posted by Garras Y Patas Conectando Amor A.C. on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Every time it rains, the owner makes them comfortable inside the store and they are very grateful.

Upon hearing this, the organization “Claws and Paws Connecting Love” came to the scene and took some pictures of the refugee dogs inside the store.

When they were published, they became a viral phenomenon!

Now the organization is trying to find among the public someone who can adopt them. They promise to deliver them plated, sterilized and vaccinated to their future owner.

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