Shelter employee lies in kennel to calm abandoned dog

For many people who work in animal shelters, helping those beings who are going through difficult times isn’t just work. It’s like a real mission, they do it for love.

Proof of that is the moving case that happened in a shelter in the United States. Until recently, the dog named Prissy lived the sad life of a lonely dog. She was found abandoned without a single friend in the world, but fortunately, her reality changed when she found a very special friend.

The dog was rescued and taken to the Conway Area Humane Society, an animal shelter in New Hampshire. There she soon knew what it means to be loved.

Shelter manager Debra Cameron was visiting the kennel to check on the dog after castration surgery. When she got there, she saw the sweetest scene she could imagine. She found Chrissy Ireland, a shelter colleague of hers, lying on the floor next to Prissy, comforting and giving her much affection for being quite tired after the surgery.

For some people, shelters may be the worst place in the world for an animal, but thanks to the kind-hearted people who work in these places for the sake of animals, dogs can receive attention and affection there and forget about the sufferings they have been waiting for a family to give them a forever home.

Source: Portal Do Animal


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