Shelter dog who couldn’t walk now travels around the country with his new father

Mel, an eight-year-old Pit Bull, may need a wheelchair to get around, but that doesn’t stop her from traveling around the country with her father, Tom Dilworth.

Dilworth went to the Yonkers Animal Shelter to see another dog but eventually adopted Mel. Dilworth went close to Mel, who laid her head on Dilworth’s leg, and at that moment he knew he had to take her home.

Soon after adopting Mel, Dilworth realized that she had problems with her balance that continued to worsen over time. Dilworth eventually discovered that Mel had a neurological disease that affects her balance.

The illness caused Mel’s pain. She had difficulty walking alone. With the help of Eddie Wheels for Pets, Dilworth put Mel in a wheelchair to help her get around.

Dilworth is a professional photographer who loves to travel around the country. But it never goes anywhere without your faithful canine partner!

Mel begins to explore new beautiful places with her father and is loving her second chance in life.

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Source:I Love My Dog


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