Shelter dog smiles for selfie with her voluntary caregiver

Much has been heard about how difficult life in shelters can be for any puppy. They’re there with the hope of finding a family to spend their whole life with at some point!

Anyone could argue that they are not aware of this, but it is scientifically proven how easy dogs are to get attached to people.

They just need a little love to give you your loyalty, so it’s not easy to spend a little time with someone who’s pampered you for a while and you thought you’d get him out of his cage and just never see him again.

This is the situation that many creatures go through in the shelters every day, in addition to some mistreatment that unfortunately also happens.

Despite all that has been exposed, the story of this dog and its owner is completely different and deserves to be admired and applauded.

A girl who works as a volunteer at a non-governmental shelter on Avenida Pacaembu, in São Paulo (Brazil), wanted to take a picture of herself with one of her naughtiest friends, but couldn’t imagine the surprise that would come.

The dog, knowledgeable and expert in new technologies, understood exactly what the young woman wanted and, without hesitation, put and smiled at the selfies.

“He was at work and he sat next to me… I said, let’s take a picture! I still don’t have one with you And then […] she smiled! “Said the young woman, still not believing what had happened.

To leave evidence for the unbelievers, the girl decided to share the images on her social networks and more evidence that she could not have presented.

“The puppy appears in the pictures showing his big jaw like he’s saying” You want a picture? Here you go.

The story became so popular in the networks that more than one Internet user left their blessings and messages of tenderness to the puppy and the caregiver.

In addition, more than one of the publication’s viewers was motivated to get a job as a youth in the publication and offered to submit their resumes.

“Gente, trabalhar em uma creche para cães é o meu sonho!”, Disse um usuário.

“Olá Deus, sou eu de novo, por favor me ajude a trabalhar em uma creche para cães, por favor. Obrigado! Eu posso enviar meu currículo ”, disse outro. 

These images remind us how sweet and intelligent the puppies are, as well as the happiness that comes from being surrounded by them. It is with satisfaction that these photos have been released, as they also show the kind face of what is lived inside the shelters when the caregivers do their work with love.

A hug for this playful puppy and all his companions in the place, also for the kind janitor.

Share this story and remind everyone how intelligent and generous these creatures are.

Source: Zoorprendente


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