Shark swims towards the diver to hug him every time he dives around him

There are many misconceptions about sharks. There are numerous causes that lead sharks to attack humans, yet they never assume people as a potential food. Many stories take sharks as bad ones, but the images below prove just the opposite.

The story of Rick Anderson is a good example of that. The man, who is a dive instructor, has been doing this activity for about 27 years and never got any problems with underwater fauna. Better yet, he has even become friends with a female shark.

Facebook – Ricks Dive School

Rick explains his story:

“I started playing with her about seven years ago when she was just a baby, about six inches in length. I approached cautiously not to frighten her. As she got used to me, I got her with my hand and talked to her quietly through my regulator.”

“Then, on the next few visits, she recognized me and swam to caress me and hug me. She quickly got used to me, swimming to me as I passed.”

Facebook – Ricks Dive School

“Most divers who see this for the first time cannot believe it.”, he adds. “I play with them like dogs.”

Facebook – Ricks Dive School

Rick hopes his great experience will set an example for his dive students. That’s a great way to show people that sharks are not there to attack them!

Facebook – Ricks Dive School

Rick, who continues to dive with many other species of sharks, concluded by saying, “I always felt comfortable swimming with these animals.”

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