Severely neglected dog gets rescued and has a warm bed for the first time in her life

A dog named Angel was confiscated from its owners for negligence. After seeing how she used to look, it was very obvious that she was not taken care of. Her body was covered with scabs and burn marks, and she was extremely depressed.

Fortunately, Sidewalk Specials rescued her and took her.

During treatment with Vet Point, Sidewalk Specials placed her in a foster home. She already had a rough life, and they wanted her to be in the comfort of a loving home while she was recovering. This was the first time she not only felt love, but also had a large, comfortable bed to sleep on! She rolled into the soft blankets and loved every second of it.

Sidewalk Specials and Angel’s foster mom wasn’t sure if Angel would find a permanent home, but then the day came when someone finally wanted to meet her. It was love at first sight! They decided to adopt Angel and give her a home forever. Angel was the first rescue dog and they were Angel’s first loving family.

Angel also has new dog brothers now with whom she plays and learns. Two months later, Angel looks like a whole new dog! And her scabs have disappeared and all her hair has grown back. She finally looked like a beautiful and healthy puppy.

She has also learned new tricks and is very well behaved. Enjoy running on the beach and even hugging the cats! She is so happy in her new life, and we are so grateful that she found her home.

Watch Angel and her amazing transformation in the video below:

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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