Officer cries when she sees how old service dogs are treated and refuses to do nothing

Service dogs are loyal companions, who dedicate their lives to help others and make the world a better place. And today we’ll meet the story of a man who decided to show his appreciation for this type of animals!

Bai Yan lives in the eastern region of Zhejiang Province, China and for 13 years he worked as a police officer. His main task was to deal with the 30 dogs that were employed in his department. Over time, Bai started to think of dogs as part of his family.


When it came the time to retire, Bai noticed a problem. Service dogs could be placed for adoption, but many of them would face acts of neglect in their new homes. For that reason, Bai wanted to take care of his companions in his old age.


So the officer set up his own retirement home for puppies. He spent more than one million yuan building the installations. The project was designed specifically for dogs to enjoy their last years in the best possible way. Bai knew it was important for dogs to exercise, despite their age.


All of this began years earlier, when one of Bai’s dogs, Sonny, was diagnosed with skin cancer. The doctors recommended to put the dog down, but the man refused. Instead, he did what he could to help him get better. Bai prepared special baths for Sonny every day and eventually the dog’s condition began to stabilize.


Now he does everything he can to give the dogs he worked a happy retirement. “You could say they are my work buddies or even my family.” Bai said.

The man works hard to keep the house running… He prepares breakfast, medicines and plays with the puppies. He still spends his weekends and holidays with animals because his goal is to make a difference.


It’s amazing to see someone so dedicated to improve the lives of our four-legged friends. Share this exciting story with your friends and family!

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