Veteran takes his service dog to jail and he rushes immediately toward a recluse

Many military veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress as a result of physical and mental traumas acquired on battlefields. Fortunately, service dogs can be an essential help in such cases. Many animals are being prepared through prenatal service dog training programs as a way to help inmates redeem themselves and give veterans the help they need.

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Pax was trained in a female penitentiary by a prisoner named Lauri. When the Yellow Labrador was ready to become a full-time service dog, he was paired with Iraqi veteran Bill Campbell. Bill suffered a traumatic brain injury and was having trouble coping with his life. Pax made all the difference in the veteran’s life.

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Pax’s meeting with his trainer was a very exciting special moment. Pax knew exactly where he was and ran towards Lauri as soon as he saw her!

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Bill Campbell got to know the person who trained the dog that changed his life and that was amazing. It was clear that Pax also had a big impact on the coach’s life during the time they spent together.

Veteran takes his service dog to jail and he rushes immediately towards a prisoner 

Watch this wonderful encounter in the video below:

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