A 9-month-old dog sentenced to death for the sole crime of pulling his leash a little too much

There are some cases of adoptions that end up with dramatic results, and the story we’ll meet today is one such case. The shelter, SOS Animaux en détresse, tells us the unfortunate story of Nuts. After being adopted from the shelter, the deaf puppy found a family to care for him.

Facebook – SOS Animaux en détresse – Protection Animale

However, in a painful posting on Facebook, the shelter reveals that Nuts was euthanized without their knowledge. All because the young puppy, very enthusiastic, pulled too much the leash and ended up getting his owner on the ground.

Facebook – SOS Animaux en détresse – Protection Animale

When he was only 9 months old, with all his life ahead of him, he was killed for being a little more energetic than normal. Anyone who has small dogs, knows perfectly that they overflow energy when they are young.

The shelter continued its posting as follows:

“You promised us to do everything to help him improve despite his deafness! You who traveled miles to adopt him… You chose euthanasia, because during a walk he made you fall and you broke some ribs. (…) With just 9 months old, he had everything to learn! (…) He was young, cute, playful, full of life and healthy.”

Here is the full post, which refers to a petition against euthanasia of convenience:


Nuts had a lifetime ahead of him, however he got into the wrong hands and that breaks our hearts. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Our animals are not mere objects that can be “discarded” at any time.

Rest in peace, little dog!

Source: laowl


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