Famous actor is approached by children selling puppies and he chooses the one who’s barely breathing

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an actor best known for his roles in such films as The Good Wife, Gray’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead. What you may not know about Morgan is that he is a true animal lover!


One day, Morgan was approached by a group of children in Venice Beach, California. They were selling dogs inside a box and were asking for $ 350 each puppy. Then Morgan pointed to a dog lying in the bottom of the box, much smaller than the others, and asked the price. That’s where the kids said she probably wouldn’t survive the night.


Morgan took out a $ 20 bill and handed it to the children. The actor wasn’t optimistic about the condition of the dog, but wanted to do everything in his power. As soon as they arrived at a clinic, the vet said he would do his best, but his chances of survival were well reduced.

Fortunately, the puppy began to improve drinking milk from a bottle. Morgan began to gain some hope and introduced the little dog to his other dog, Bandit. You know what? The two got along beautifully!


In 2009, Morgan told the reassuring story of Bonnie Hunt on a talk show. “She got the name of Bisou, which means ‘kiss’ in French.”

In honor of Bisou and her incredible will to live, the actor had her name tattooed on his arm.


Unfortunately, our four-legged friends don’t live forever… Bisou spent 12 spectacular years with Morgan. She is now running happily and free on the rainbow bridge. The little dog had an uncertain beginning of life, but thanks to the actor, she could enjoy a life full of love and affection.


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Source: I Love My Dog


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