Dog can’t believe she’s seeing her owner again – until she starts to smell him

For two long years a sweet dog named Pakita had struggled to find a house. She was dropped off at Argentina’s Animal Ark shelter by a person who claimed to found her wandering the streets. Pakita was received with open arms by the volunteer Silvia Ferreyra and her colleagues but the animal was always very sad and dejected. She kept falling behind while the younger dogs were adopted!

What they didn’t know was that Pakita already had a house…

Facebook – Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mar Chiquita

The dog was so depressed that even taking a picture of her was a difficult task. However, the staff kept trying. Then one day they managed to get a decent picture of the dog and put it on social networks so that potential adopters could see her.

“Immediately, we received a message from a woman saying that the dog was from her son and that he was looking for her.”, said Ferreyra. The son of Ariel Naveira had already lost the hope of seeing his dog again. She ran away from home about 2 years ago and despite her efforts, she was never found. At least until now …

Facebook – Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mar Chiquita

The next day, Ariel Naveira (the son) arrived to see if it was really the lost little dog that was in the shelter. As soon as the dog was taken to the “meeting”, even she couldn’t believe she knew the person in front of her eyes!

But that changed … After approaching, Pakita felt his familiar scent and she exploded with joy! “From that moment on there was no doubt.”, Ferreyra said.

“It was beautiful.”, said Naveira. “I was sad to lost her but getting her back was awesome. There are no words to describe that moment.”

Facebook – Ariel Naveira

It’s been a little over a year since Pakita met her owner and the joy of returning home didn’t disappear. “We’re super happy.”, said Naveira.

Facebook – Ariel Naveira

We should never lose our hope and this story is proof of that…

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Source: The Dodo


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