Seal finds toy version of itself, can’t stop hugging it

Seals are lovely animals that make us very tender to see them, and even more beautiful is to see this seal with a luxurious version of itself. This adorable animal was found at Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Hokkaido, Japan, and received this special gift from the zoo staff, a stuffed animal that looks like her and keeps hugging her.

The seal likes the stuffed animal so much that she can’t stop hugging and playing with it.

In the pictures, we can see how the animal squeezes the toy close to her heart.

Maybe the seal thinks the toy is her baby and, that is adorable.

Seals are subject to cruel killings and, because of that, their survival is in danger. In Canada and Greenland, an estimated 500,000 seals are killed each year, with cruel methods such as blows, shotgun bullets, head-crushing or even peeling when they are still alive.

Worldwide, there are organizations responsible for stopping this cruel massacre and raising people’s awareness to care for the environment.

It’s gratifying to see these photographs that reflect kindness rather than the bad news we often find about this species.

Source: Notas De Nascotas


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