Teenager sleeps at a friend’s house and wakes up screaming in pain

The internet allows people to communicate over long distances and it’s great for quick information search. However, it has a negative side, especially for children and adolescents, if not supervised. There are a number of challenges on the Web today that have become fashionable among young people, most of them very dangerous. Recently, a girl has been the target of one of those challenges, and she woke up screaming in pain.

Jamoneisha Merritt is 11 years old, and was eager to go to sleep at her best friend’s house. Supposedly they were going to have a pajama party… but, at night, the girl woke up screaming in pain! Her friend had poured boiling water over her face because of a dangerous challenge that is spreading through Facebook.


The child is now in intensive care in Harlem, recovering from injuries. The 12-year-old assailant was arrested for what she did. No one knows if the girl will recover 100%. That’s because your face, back and shoulders are severely burned.

The most bizarre of all is that they were the best of friends. In fact, the other girl had no idea of the consequences of that act, she was just participating in the challenge of hot water. This is a new challenge among young people, and consists of throwing boiling water at someone who is distracted or asleep.


Jamoneisha didn’t suspect anything, and she was asleep when her friend burned her. The water should have only reached her face, but it also burned her neck, head and chest. Unfortunately, due to the burns she suffered, the girl is being bullied by her classmates. In addition, she is also very sad to have a victim of this crime from her supposed best friend.

Please supervise your young children when they browse the internet. Such challenges to them may seem harmless, but they do have consequences for life. And Jamoneisha is an example of this…

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Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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