Boy becomes viral after singing ‘Imagine’ at the school talent show

With the end of the school year approaching, several educational establishments do activities to mark this date. Adam Kornowski, a 4th grade student, decided to attend a school talent show. However, his performance turned out to be so wonderful that his mother couldn’t resist sharing her son’s video singing John Lennon’s Imagine.

In addition to singing, the boy also plays the piano. The voice with the piano keys didn’t leave the public indifferent, nor the thousands people who saw the video in the Internet. The boy singing the iconic music touched everyone’s hearts!

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Michelle Kornowski, Adam’s mother, filmed the entire performance and posted the video on her Facebook page. In just about a week, the post was shared about 200 thousand times and was watched 7.3 million times. But what’s so special about a 4th grade kid? You will have to see to find out.

Special talent and voice

The opening notes give us shivers, and his voice thrills anyone. According to his mother, “there was not a father in the room with a dry eye at the end.” Adam has been playing piano since he was 5 years old. Despite having little time playing this instrument, his commitment and talent is notorious.

“A woman stopped me to tell me she would buy the song on iTunes if I put it there,” Michelle said. The applause and standing ovation that his mother said Adam received in the end were well-deserved. I have no doubt that the boy has acted as an inspiration to his colleagues – a truly moving performance that his family will remember in the coming years.

Watch the beautiful moment below!

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