Boy cries in the school hallway – officer sits by his side and says he is “loved”

Edna Guerrero, a Phoenix resident, witnessed an emotional moment between a boy and an officer in the school hallway. “Those that do the most, those that go above and beyond are those that are rarely recognized,” said the woman after that moving scene. Rusty Baubie, the officer, is always on the lookout for the welfare of the students, who he has promised to protect and serve.

Baubie is very humble and says he is only doing his job when they ask him about his daily acts of kindness. But after Guerrero witnessed the kind manner in which Baubie responded to an inconsolable student at school, she felt he deserved some public recognition.

Officer cheers up boy in the school hallway

The officer was in the right place at the right time. He saw and heard a student screaming and crying desperately in the hallway. The boy collapsed on the floor, sobbing with his head buried in his knees. “A student was having a difficult time, was screaming and inconsolably crying, saying sad and negative things about himself,” wrote Guerrero on Facebook. “This officer looked through the eyes of this student and immediately showed mercy.”

Facebook – City of Phoenix Police Department

Baubie sat down beside the boy crying. The man could not remain indifferent to the child who was desperate for love, and needing a word of encouragement. “This officer spoke softly to the student letting him know that he did matter, that he was important, that he was loved,” Guerrero said.

“This officer helped this student understand that we all make mistakes and that those mistakes do not define who we are and we just learn from them and move on.”

Sgt. Armando Carbajal, a public information officer at the Phoenix Police Department, said Baubie has been with the police force for 13 years. Baubie is a husband, a father and very humble man. “Police officers are there to provide safety and to teach,” Carbajal said. “But this was one duty that you can’t put on paper.”

It’s wonderful to know that there are still people like that, always ready to help even when it’s not their job. Share if you think there should be more people like this.

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