Mom is scalped in a matter of seconds, and now she is sending an urgent warning to all women

Before turning to a mechanic, many of us try everything to solve car problems without professional help. This mother of 4 children has also decided to do the same… as her family is numerous, she needs to save as much money as she can. She opened the car, started the engine, and opened the hood. But a small mistake changed her life forever. She was scalped due to an accident that could have been avoided.

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A small detail changed her life

Now, Alon is talking about what happened to her and alerting others to pay attention to the small detail she ignored. This is a lesson that everyone should take seriously… It all started when the woman realized that she had car trouble. She didn’t have the extra money to spend on the mechanic, so Alon opened the hood and looked inside. In the blink of an eye, her head was drawn to the engine and she was writhing in pain!

Youtube – Inside Edition

Fortunately, her children heard the screams and came rushing to her aid. If it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of the children, she would have died of her injuries. Alon was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors said she had made a near-fatal mistake. It was something she had not even thought about before putting her head under the hood. It’s a simple act that she is now warning other women to do before it’s too late.

Youtube – Inside Edition
Hair in the engine

Before you take a look at the hood, tie your long hair! Alon didn’t do this, and her hair got stuck in the engine, causing part of her scalp to be ripped out instantly. Now the woman is going through surgeries and transplants to try to get back to her old self… but everything could have been avoided if she had just tied her hair.

The small mistake cost her thousands of dollars in medical bills and nearly left the children without their mother. In addition, the car still needed more arrangements after she was released. Now the woman wears a wig every day to hide her big scars.

Youtube – Inside Edition

If you want to know more about what happened, take a look at the video below.

It’s not worth risking your life to save some money… but if you want and know how to fix your car without the help of a professional, please tie your hair so that it doesn’t happen again. Share the alert and the story of this woman before it’s too late for other people.

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