Hairdresser discovers something in client’s scalp and saves her life

While visiting her usual salon, Eileen Corey received more than one haircut: she received a terrifying diagnosis. The hairdresser was working when she discovered something in the client’s scalp she had never seen before, and this discovery saved the woman’s life. This story is proof of how important it is to pay attention to small details.

For many years, Eileen worked as a journalist for the WKYC channel in Cleveland, USA. She was responsible for the health and wellness area. However, even health experts can get sick. In Eileen’s case, things could have gotten significantly worse had it not been for her hairdresser.

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Eileen has been cutting hair with hairstylist Kari Phillips for 15 years. The two women gradually developed a friendship over time. When Kari noticed something strange during one of the client’s visits, she did not hesitate to tell her what she saw.

She noticed a big sign on Eileen’s scalp, which was not there the previous month. “It doesn’t feel right, I do not remember seeing it. I want you to go to your dermatologist,” Kari said.

Advice saved her client’s life

Eileen accepted the advice of her hairdresser and visited a specialist – and we’re glad she did. The doctor asked for a biopsy immediately, and found what they feared most: the woman had a melanoma.

Youtube – WKYC Channel 3

Thanks to the hairdresser, melanoma was detected early and the signal was removed without further treatment. Eileen says she is forever grateful to her hairdresser, and now she’s always protecting herself from the sun – a tip we should apply in our lives too!

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