He wants his daughter to say ‘Daddy’ – but what she does instead is making the internet laugh

It’s impossible not to laugh when babies are laughing. These little human beings spread their happiness and good disposition. Nowah’s father also loves to make his daughter smile, and his day is illuminated with every giggle she gives. Fortunately, the man often records moments of fun with the baby, and shares with the world on a Youtube channel. In one of the last videos, he asked the girl: say ‘Daddy!’ What the daughter did instead is making the internet laugh.

Youtube – Happybabynowah

The sweet baby made her father laugh. He recorded the funny moment and thought: if I’m enjoying this, other people will. Well, he was right! Now the lovely conversation between father and daughter is melting hearts around the world.

Youtube – Happybabynowah

A study published by the BBC concluded that babies laugh for a variety of reasons. Freud felt that humans laughed at the expense of others because it indicated dominance and a social hierarchy. However, the BBC research found that babies are more likely to laugh when they fall.

Youtube – Happybabynowah

The study also acknowledged that involving another person in an activity like ‘peek a boo’ is something that babies love. They are not laughing because something in their line of sight disappears and reappears, they are laughing because you are the one to do it! This sense of humor is definitely present in Nowah. In that clip, the girl can only see Daddy’s face when he turns around, so it’s almost like they’re playing a fun game.

Youtube – Happybabynowah

Whenever the man asks her to say ‘Daddy’, she laughs so much… She can say “Mama” without any problem, but the word “Daddy” is too much fun for her. Nowah’s hysterical laugh is very funny, but the way Daddy talks is too. He’s as funny as his little goofy girl.

Watch the cute moment below…

What a lovely family! Show this to your friends and family and make their day brighter!

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