Hospital workers honor father whose organs have saved 50 lives

Life is completely unexpected. One minute we’re fine, and in another we’re at rock bottom. On June 19, one family received the worst news of all: their father had died. But, that same day, other people were given the opportunity to live… the man died, but his organs saved 50 lives!

Cletus Schnieders, the father of three children, was having dinner when he choked on a piece of meat. When the wife entered the room, she realized what was happening and her husband collapsed. The woman immediately alerted the paramedics and tried to resuscitate him.

The husband was taken to the hospital, but he never regained consciousness. Two days after the accident, his brain death was declared. Family and loved ones were in shock. The man was healthy and young, but still lost his life while he was having a meal… fate is really unpredictable.

Cletus was an organ donor, and Carrie decided to respect his desire. This allowed 50 people to receive a donation and change their lives. Mercy West Hospital, driven by the couple’s history, and in honor of Cletus, decided to organize a very beautiful and touching farewell ceremony at the establishment.

Homage to the man who donated the organs

150 people, workers, friends and relatives gathered and made a guard of honor to Cletus, whose body was about to enter the O.R. to proceed with the organs’ removal. Carrie was emotional and speechless seeing the beautiful gesture of support.

She said, “My initial reaction was speechless. I feel like everything paused for a second as I turned the corner and saw all of the people who came out to support us.” “Letting him go at the end of the hallway was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. I still have friends and family reach out to me and tell me that being at the honor walk was one of the most amazing yet heartbreaking moments of their life.”

Carrie took the picture without knowing that it would become viral. Shortly after, as we can see in the video below, she met John Mock. This man, father of four, received a new liver and asked to meet Cletus’s family to thank them and give his condolences.

The woman agreed to meet him and invited her loved ones to this very important moment of their lives. Since then, they wanted to stay in touch. This family’s struggling with their loss, and meeting John helped them in this process.

Look at the moment when Cletus’s wife meets the recipient of her husband’s liver:

Although he died, Cletus helped 50 other people to survive. A hero even after death! Share if you think we should all donate organs and save lives!

Source: Incroyable


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