Dog was literally begging for someone to save his life

A lovely Pit Bull named JJ was desperate for a little attention. When some people passed by his kennel, he reached out, as if asking for help. The dog was rescued on Dowdy Ferry Road, a frequent drop-off place for dogs, in Dallas. Unfortunately, many pups get run over by cars. However, JJ managed to survive!

Facebook – Marina Tarashevska

“Animal control found him out there living alone,” said Patti Dawson, president of the Dallas DogRRR. “He was pretty emaciated… you could see his rib lines.”

Leaving the streets was wonderful, but the atmosphere in the shelter didn’t offer much comfort to JJ…

After two weeks, JJ’s time was coming to an end… The shelter needed to clear space, so JJ was put on the euthanasia list. Fortunately, the Pit Bull caught the attention of a woman, named Marina Tarashevska, who regularly visits the shelter.

Facebook – Marina Tarashevska

When Tarashevska was about to leave, JJ reached out his paw. “He was begging to be saved,” the woman said.

Facebook – Marina Tarashevska

Knowing that JJ had little time left, Tarashevska decided to intervene. The woman took the puppy to the vet and placed him in a temporary home.

Facebook – Dallas DogRRR
He is still very nervous

Dawson believes he was neglected, when he was younger. “f you approach too fast, he either gets scared or he reacts just a tiny bit,” Dawson said. “He definitely did not come from a great environment, but he’s sweet and loving.”

Facebook – Dallas DogRRR

JJ is blooming and learning how to behave like a normal puppy.

Facebook – Dallas DogRRR

The Dallas DogRRR wants him to be evaluated by an animal behavior expert, and have his vision and hearing fully verified. After that, the Pit Bull will be ready for adoption. “We want him to find a nice, loving home,” Dawson said.

Hopefully JJ will find a responsible family soon… He deserves it! Share this emotional story with your friends and family!

Source: The Dodo


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