Men risk their lives and save dog from Python

Pythons are characterized by not being venomous. However, this doesn’t make them less dangerous: they squeeze their prey until they suffocate.

In Thailand, a dog was eventually struck by a python. By the time they encountered the shocking event, the dog was already completely trapped by the snake, which strangled him. The poor animal could not move.


Another white dog was very alert and was barking at the snake, trying to do something to help his partner.


Despite the great risks involved in approaching the snake, the men who were nearby decided to do something to help the poor dog.

Men try to save a dog

The men used long poles to untangle the strong knot that Piyion had built on the dog. The task was not easy, and with some movement it seemed that the snake only pressed the prey more and more.

After several minutes of tension, they managed to release the strong knots that held the dog. The little one was so still that some of them thought that they had arrived too late and the pup was already dead.


However, they decided to run a little more risk and used their hand to catch the tail of the snake and continue releasing the dog. The snake clung to the dog until the last minute. Fortunately, one of the men helped him get up and get rid of the snake.

In South Asia the pythons are in danger of extinction once they are exterminated to eliminate the danger they pose.

The dog ran quickly away

Surely he was very scared and decided to run to find a safe place. No one knows if the dog has a family or has suffered any kind of injury after the encounter with the python.

Watch the incredible rescue in the video below.

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Source: Te Importa


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