Mason throws himself into a river to save 7-month-old baby drowning

Some people have a really brave and heroic heart, just like the mason we’ll see next. He jumped into a river to save a 7-month-old baby drowning. The incredible scene took place in Saint-Geniez, France, on January 17, 2018.

A little before after four in the afternoon, Arnaud Attinetti witnessed a indescribable moment. The 26-year-old bricklayer was working in a house near the water when he heard screams coming from the surroundings of the Lot River. “I saw a woman rushing madly to the Lot River. I went to her and quickly understood the reason for her behavior,” explained the man.

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In fact, this was a desperate mother! Her 7-month-old baby’s stroller fell into the water… and it was drowning. Without hesitation, the mason jumped into the Lot River. “I did not think for a second! It’s as if I had started a race,” he said. “The cart was 16 or 19 feet off shore, and when I could reach it, the baby was coming out of the harness,” the mason said.

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After throwing himself in the water, he was able to catch the 7-month-old baby trapped in the water. The man grabbed the boy and fought to keep the child out of the water as he hit the shore as quickly as possible. “I concentrated the last strength I had to grasp the roots of a tree with my left hand, and entrust the baby to my chief who provided us with first aid while awaiting the rapid arrival of the firemen.”

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A beautiful act of courage that saved a life. Despite the cold water typical from January, the mason did not hesitate to rescue the baby. He also received a municipal medal for his wonderful gesture.

After all, there is still hope in humanity. Share if you agree!

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