Sausages with needles found in a sausage – you always need to be on alert!

Barajas police in Madrid reported terrible news. Someone placed sausages with needles in a park with the purpose of harming dogs that were strolling around. This happened after a group of neighbors walking their dogs in the park discovered the trap.

People strolling with their dogs found the sausages with pins and glass in tracks scattered all over the park to injure the animals.

The worst did not happen since it was discovered earlier, but one woman said she discovered this when her dog had to be admitted to a veterinary clinic after having swallowed a needle.

Authorities scoured the area and stumbled upon more than twenty pieces of sausage with needles and shards of glass to do more damage to the dogs and thus ensure that they would lose their lives immediately.

The discovery was shared on social networks so that more dogs did not fall into this trap. “If you find food of this type, you should call the police so the agents have evidence and can start the relevant investigation,” police said.

A witness told police she saw a man with suspicious behavior. Supposedly a man with a bag in his hand, who repeatedly crouched in strange movements, also broke bottles and left the shards on the way.

Once they had a chat with this person, the man stated that “he was feeding the rabbits and removing the shards from the ground, he showed a nervous attitude.” The witness said that this person always had a hostile attitude towards the dog owners and always stayed in the area.

Caring for your dog
As we have seen this happened in Madrid, it is very far. But this can happen eveywhere, so we should be very attentive.

For there are very naughty people who are capable of doing these barbarities with our animals. All care is little! Always watch your yard if there is nothing strange like the cases of these sausages.

Source: Portal Amigo Cão