Seconds after getting into the ice, the sassy routine of the skater leaves the audience blushing

The world of figure skating is filled with competition… all skaters are talented and work hard to achieve their goals. Even Olympic medalists have to be super creative with their choreography so they can stand out from all the others. This man did it by doing a sassy routine that left the public blushing and laughing loudly!

Evgeni Plushenko is a Russian skater who certainly knows how to get attention. Although this performance took place 17 years ago, most skating fans will never forget that moment.

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This man received Olympic medals four times, two gold and two silver, for his incredible ice skills. The performance you’ll see today is one of Plushenko’s most famous! He began his routine dancing to the sound of Tom Jones’s Sex Bomb. As the music began to play, all the women in the audience rose to applaud. The crowd turned red when the Russian took off his red jacket and revealed the tight gold vest he wore underneath.

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But, it was not just for his clothes that everyone was looking – no one could take their eyes off his big muscles! They looked a bit disproportionate to the rest of his lean body. But, if you look more closely, you’ll see why your fans started laughing.

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Unlike all the medals he earned and deserved, Plushenko’s huge muscles were bought at a local costume shop. After he flexed his “muscles” like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the crowd started laughing! In addition to the clever comedy routine, Plushenko still managed to do perfect pirouette!

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In addition to being a phenomenal artistic figure skater, he managed to capture the audience with his funny ideas. He is a fabulous entertainer! Watch the performance of this Russian and try to hold back the laughter!

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