São Paulo movie theater allowed dogs to watch the movie “A Dog’s Way Home” with their owners

Some of them took seats and some preferred ladders, but they were always very polite.

For all who have pets and treat them as if they were their children, going to the movies is a typical family scenario, however not allowed for animals.

But this became a reality thanks to a Brazilian cinema that allowed several dogs to accompany their owners to watch a movie.

It was the role of “A Dog’s Way Home ” an American film that tells the story of a dog named Bella, who had to travel more than 600 kilometers to meet her owner Lucas.

And what better to see this movie with your dog!

Because of that, a movie theater in the city of São Paulo wanted to make the dream a reality. They opened their doors so that people could see the film in the company of their dogs. They changed the room so that there would be no inconvenience.

So, with the floor covered with rugs and several bags available for them to do their needs, about 180 dogs came with their owners to the rooms at Frei Canenca Shopping to watch the movie.

But there was one problem, the room was located on the third floor and could only be reached by elevator. Because of that, several owners had to carry their heavy pets in their arms.

But beyond that… everything went perfectly.

I hope that other cinemas in the world are also encouraged to do so!

Source: CONTI outra