Grandma sings to her granddaughter – seconds later, the baby’s response makes the mother go running to get the camera

Young children need a lot of love, care, attention and encouragement. Family efforts are rewarded when babies smile for the first time, or learn new things like singing. Despite parents’ sleep deprivation, the joys of having children are countless. In the clip below, we can see a grandmother singing to her granddaughter. The woman was delighted with the beautiful girl on her lap, but she didn’t expect her to have the reaction she was about to have.


Singing for a baby is a wonderful way to encourage their musical development, but it also helps the child to bond with the family. We should sing for newborns every day and often, but we don’t need to sing a “real” song. It could be a grocery list, a nursery rhyme or a popular song we hear on the radio. The babies will respond to the song smiling, babbling and even repeating the sound they hear!


That’s exactly what this precious girl did. The grandmother started singing to her granddaughter, and the baby irl decided to accompany the sound of the classical music! Watch carefully the video below: the duet between the newborn and the old lady is simply precious…

Fortunately, the baby’s mother ran to get the camera as the scene unfolded. Now, we can all enjoy the lovely duet between grandma and granddaughter… Share if you found it absolutely adorable!

Source: Faith Tap


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