Sad and about to starve, Bruno is rescued from the hands of a neglected family

Some people forget what their basic obligations are when they decide to take on a life.

Feed your pet properly. Ensure your health and well-being and offer love and recreation, are just some of the things you should always keep in mind.

However, a Pennsylvania family has failed to comply, and their dog, a Golden Retriever named Bruno, almost starved to death. Authorities have taken over the case, in which police officer Jeffrey Levan and his wife, Amber Levan, are responsible.

Bruno weighed only 9 pounds when he was rescued.

Bruno was found in a deplorable state. His bones protruded considerably, he had several injuries to his legs and his fur was dry and covered with dirt. He smelled very bad and he was very sad.

Authorities forced the couple to surrender Bruno to One Dog a Time. There the animal underwent a thorough medical review and was diagnosed with severe malnutrition and dehydration. In addition to some skin diseases.

His skin was almost sticking to his bones and he had bruises on his legs.

Bruno went to rehab.

As part of the golden retriever’s recovery, he was then put on a slow and consistent weight gain diet. There is much hope that this dog can find a wonderful family after leaving this unfortunate moment.

For their part, Jeffrey Levan and his wife Amber Levan will face charges of negligence and cruelty to animals. The couple work at Dauphin County Judicial Center, and while the media tried to contact them to find out why they had mistreated poor Bruno, it was all pointless.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a Philadelphia police officer has faced charges of negligence. In November 2016, policeman Michael Long was arrested for leaving his hungry pitbull Cranberry in a garbage bag.

On September 3, Amber and Jeffrey Levan must appear before the law to face charges in Bruno’s case.

Their old pet is on the road to recovery since early June, when it was delivered under shelter.

This is what a Golden Retriever should look like under normal conditions. This is far from poor Bruno’s condition.

They expect Bruno to be well in at least a few more months. Those responsible for One Dog at a Time are dedicated to finding a suitable home for him, but his case has been very popular on social networks and it is likely that there are already families interested in giving him the happy home he deserves.

I hope Bruno can be happy with thoughtful people soon.

The dog is in recovery.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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