Woman delivers pizza in a rusty trailer. When she opens the door, she makes a shocking discovery

Sometimes, there are people who come into our lives to enlighten us. For a man named Lee Haase, Angela Nguyen was one of those people. She works at Domino’s, and has delivered thousands of pizzas over the years. She has a lot of regular customers and Lee is among them. He ordered food every Saturday, and it was always Angela who was delivering the order to his house, which had a rusty trailer next to it.


But then, on a Saturday, the man didn’t order the usual pizza. Angela was worried and went to his house to find out why. When Angela arrived, she immediately saw the damage. A mighty storm had ripped most of the roof from Lee’s house.

Difficult situation

After the storm, he didn’t have the money to repair the house. And to make things even worse, his son had died in an accident. Depressed and broke, Lee moved into a rusty trailer. Angela’s daughter, Sarah, who is also a pizza delivery girl, noticed that Lee was living in that unkempt place. She explained to the mother how bad his situation was. Lee’s trailer had no heating, water, sewage or electricity.


Angela’s heart broke in a thousand pieces, but she was not going to let Lee live like this. “I thought we had to do something. We could not let a human being live like this,” Angela explains. It all started with simple action. The woman bought a heater for Lee’s trailer. It was the first step in making his life a little easier.

Community joins to help Lee

Then Angela started a fundraising campaign. Donations were coming in when people heard about Lee’s moving story. In just two months, the campaign raised $32,360. It was enough to buy a new trailer for Lee!


Angela says she couldn’t have done it without help and support from the local community and from many generous strangers. The woman entered Lee’s life on time, and her kind heart was just what he needed. Know the man can reclaim his life, something for which he will be eternally grateful.


In a world where wars, natural disasters and other horrors are common, we are happy to share stories like this. Angela is proof that we can all make a difference in the world. Share if you agree!

Source: Newsner


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