Rude woman humiliates an employee in a fancy restaurant, but she was not expecting this to happen

Most people who work in restaurants, shops and cafes say: the customer is always right. But this isn’t always true, and the rude woman that follows is an example. She and her husband went into a restaurant and humiliated an employee who worked there. What she didn’t expect was that the boss would have the reaction he had! Find out the whole story below…

“I was lucky because I found a job at a luxury restaurant” Even though I had partial hearing in my left ear and none in my right ear, they gave me the opportunity to work there, so I use a hearing aid so I can hear almost everything clearly!

One day I went to serve a couple in the restaurant and I had an unpleasant surprise.

Me: We are happy to welcome you to our restaurant! Are you ready to order?

Wife: Call your boss! Now!

Me: One second. Can I help you?

Wife: No!

Because of the insistence, I had to go and ask the restaurant’s boss to come with me.

Boss: Good evening! How can I help you?


Wife: Why do your employees wear headphones? Is it to listen to music? We paid a lot of money to eat here and, believe me, the service is bad.

At that point, I literally felt a shiver in my back.

Boss: Our employees know they can’t use headphones. If you know someone who is breaking this rule, let me know. I guarantee that person will be fired right away!

Wife: Please! She is here.

The woman pointed at me.

Chief: I’m very sorry. This is undoubtedly inappropriate behavior.

Wife: I agree!

Chief: I was talking to you, ma’am! Your behavior is inadequate! The employee is using a hearing aid. Please leave our restaurant and never come back!”

Some people think because they have money they can humiliate others and hurt their feelings. But this restaurant’s boss taught a great lesson to the rude woman, who surely will never forget the man’s words.

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Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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