Robbie’s story moved the whole world – and we should never forget it

When Robbie Middleton was only 8 years old, he was violently attacked by another boy. In 1998, a bully tied him to a tree, threw gas at him and set him on fire. Now, almost 20 years later, the Texas boy will have the justice he deserves, thanks to his testimony when he was on the verge of death. Know the whole story of Robbie below.

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Robbie was a normal Texas boy who loved to play and study. But, on the day of his 8th birthday, a monster destroyed his life and his family completely. Who did this was a 13-year-old boy named Don Collins. He kidnapped Robbie, tied him to a tree, threw gas at him, and set him on fire. This happened very close to the house where the victim lived.

The child was going to visit a friend when he was surprised by the older boy. Due to the attack, 99% of Robbie’s body was left with third degree burns. He did over 150 surgeries, and spent much of the rest of his life in a rehab center.

Unfortunately, 10 years after the crime he suffered, Robbie’s body began to fail. He was diagnosed with cancer that, according to doctors, was related to the terrible burns he suffered. Shortly after the diagnosis, the young man died… and the justice of the United States was determined to find his killer!

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Don was arrested several times for investigations, but he was always released. But, on his deathbed, Robbie said 3 words that condemned the criminal forever: “Don did it.” The family lawyer recorded the testimony of the young man, who tried to explain the event. “Don touched my shoulder and threw gas in my face. After that, I do not remember anything else.”

Then, in February 2015, Galveston court finally convicted the perpetrator of the crime. He was only 13 at the time of the crime, so it means this was one of the most severe sentences imposed on a child’s crime: 40 years in prison.

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But the most serious came later, when they discovered the reason of the crime. According to the family’s lawyer, Robbie said that Don had sexually assaulted him two weeks before the attack. Don did this to silence the child, and it worked, because he only admitted it after all those years. Robbie confessed everything and the jury saw his video confessing everything in the hospital bed, 17 days before his death.

In addition, another now-adult man testified in favor of Robbie, also claiming to have been abused by Don. Robbie’s family received $150 billion in compensation for the crime, the largest amount ever given in a court in the United States. Unfortunately, none of this will bring their child back…

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In the town of Galveston, where the child lived, they created Robbie Middleton’s day in his memory, June 28, the day of his birthday.

We should never forget Robbie’s story. He lived so long knowing what happened, afraid of the criminal… please tell your children if there is anything wrong with them, they should not hesitate to talk to an adult. This can make a difference!

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