Roadside dog that was skin and bones is adopted by kind man

This poor dog somehow managed to survive on the side of the road. People would drive by and throw scraps at him– mainly pieces of stale bread. He took what he could get but he was severely malnourished and emaciated. He was also very shy.

Finally, someone with a kind heart pulled their car over and told the dog that his life on the streets was officially over. As the man got out of his vehicle, his heart broke into a million pieces. This dog had never been loved before. He walked with his tail between his legs as if his life meant nothing. But that was all about to change!

The man brought the skinny dog home and knew he needed to be bathed.

He was so petrified of the man and the water, that he cowered in a corner. It was so sad to see him this way but the man continued to talk to him in a soothing voice. He told him over and over that he was safe now.

Once he was bathed, the man dried him off with a towel. He was extra gentle considering every bone on his body protruded. He knew touching him could be painful. Next, it was time to show him his new dog bed and blankets. Because he’s so thin, maintaining his body temperature would be difficult.

The dog’s new dad put out food and water for him but he wasn’t sure what to do with it. So his dad bent down and tried to calm him with his kind words. He told him he was safe and that it was okay to eat. His dad, with a treat in hand, tried to get him to come to him. He knew if they began to bond, that the dog would begin to thrive.

It took time but the dog slowly emerges from his new bed, makes his way over to his new dad, and even lets him give him a kiss. The dog then takes a treat from his hand, which was his way of saying, “I trust you now.”

We are so happy that this dog, who was living on the roadside, is now in a home being spoiled and loved.

To see his rescue, check it out below:

Source: I Love My Dog


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