Exhausted mama dog no longer knows what to do with her restless puppy

Being a mother is something truly magical and special. However, when our children are especially energetic and uncooperative, we may have some “headaches.” Even beings in the animal kingdom occasionally experience similar situations. And the images below are proof of that!

The adorable video was shared by the animal protection organization Adoptame Pereira. The group is dedicated to rescue and help abandoned animals in the city of Pereira, Colombia.

Facebook – Adoptame- Pereira

The organization also explains that periodically publishes adorable videos with the goal of touching people’s hearts. However, a special video is being shared everywhere, and for a good reason. The images relate a moment between mother and child, highly understandable by all mothers.

The authoritative dog seems to give an order to her pup, but he objects with a few shriek and strident barking. Then the real “war” begins. Mommy tries to lift the puppy by the scruff and places her paws over his body.

The dedicated mother still calms him with an encouraging kiss on the nose. However, all she gets in return is a rebellious pup, acting like some kind of miniature bad boy.

Exhausted mama dog no longer knows what to do with her restless puppy

Check out the cute moment in the video below:

Finally, the maternal stress begins to manifest itself and a hurried look appears to the camera, which seems to say, “Do you see what I have to deal with?”

Do you know this feeling? So, share the cute moment with your friends and family!

Source: Liftable


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