Residents improvise beds for homeless kittens

When terrible storms occur, it’s the innocent homeless people living on the streets who are most affected.

Both homeless and homeless animals are looking for a safe place to hide at that moment, but it’s not always easy to find.

Poverty makes no distinctions.

To alleviate some of this suffering, a group of generous hearts got together in a campaign that’s changing the lives of many kittens.

These are cheap and easy-to-make houses that provide shelter and protection for felines in street conditions. The idea came from a woman in the neighborhood of Yenifoça in Izmir province (Turkey).

“Now we are warmed up.”

Yeşim Yücel posted on Facebook details of the idea he has been executing with some people from his community.

“I cut the mouths off the water bottles and glued them to a thick plate with silicone so that the kittens wouldn’t get cold. I put blankets, mattresses and built a little house for cats in our garden. I saw this idea on Facebook. The weather is cold. Maybe you would like to do it”, Yeşim Yücel wrote.

The post was accompanied by some photos that illustrate how simple but comfortable these shelters can be for a homeless kitten. In this woman’s case, the beds she used are small, which limits the function of housing kittens, but those who want to make them bigger can also provide shelter for kittens.

For now, Yeşim Yücel’s intention has worked, as his initiative has been well received and some friends and strangers have signed up to start this pseudo campaign in favor of the unprotected kittens.

Several kittens have begun to benefit from this initiative.

Some of the woman’s close neighbors have ventured out to create some shelters but perhaps it’s a good idea that those who dare, also share the results.

Reading these experiences or seeing pictures of more kitty houses can cheer up any hesitant person.

The idea is quite simple. Makes it clear that any one of us can do something to save a life.

There are animals living on the streets around the world, but they will never exceed the number of humans living there. A pinch of commitment and determination could put a positive bias on the problem of homeless animals.

Simple ideas that can transform a life. Share this Turkish woman’s initiative and spread her desire to help her friends A hostel isn’t denied to anyone.

Source: Zoorprendente


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