Researchers conclude: liking cats is a sign of great intelligence

Having pets in our lives is absolutely fantastic! Even in the grayest days, they are able to make us smile. But, are you a dog person or a cat person? A recent study by researcher, Denise Guastello, showed the differences between people who liked dogs and those who liked cats.


Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, creator of MindFixers organizations and the famed The McKeown Clinic, says on his website: “The study was conducted among 600 students. The result is that people who love dogs are more social and open than those who are cat lovers, but the last are more sensitive. ”

Steve continues:

“In addition, there is a tendency on the part of cat lovers to keep their opinion, regardless of what others say, indicating that they are more independent.” Research shows that people who prefer cats are usually highly intelligent and have more education. “They are more likely to get their college education,” says Steve McKeown.


The study says that cats tend to be more independent than dogs, which can be an important factor for cat owners to have more time to do other things, such as study and work.

And those who like cats and dogs alike? Nothing says the study, but we can deduce that it will be someone with the ability to be sociable and very intelligent.

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Source: Newsner


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