Research concludes that it is safe to sleep with your dog – Find out 7 reasons that say you should

Let the dog sleep with me or not, here’s the question!? Dog owners have many different points of view about this issue. Some believe to be unhygienic while others are convinced that it is advantageous and super comfortable.

To answer such questions, the results of a recent study have clarified the issue a bit, stating that there are great benefits related to the fact that dogs sleeping with humans.

The study involved 150 participants from the Sleep Medicine Center at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. The study showed very interesting results for all animal lovers.

Among participants, 56% reported sharing the bed with their dog or cat. Of this percentage, 41% say that the presence of the animal helps them sleep better. The explanation is that animals make them feel more relaxed and secure.

Still not convinced? Here are 7 good reasons to let your dog sleep in your bed today!

1. The dog’s presence provides you comfort and tranquility

When you sleep, there is nothing more pleasant than being close to another body, it comforts you. Hugging someone to sleep ensures a better mood for most people.

2. A dog in bed helps falling a sleep

If you are one of those people who have a lot of problems falling asleep, do not worry. Invite your dog or cat to spend the night in your bed, it will help you sleep. The reason is that both dog and cats help us lower our stress levels. If we are calmer, we fall asleep more quietly and quickly.

3. Sleeping with a dog in bed reduces stress and anxiety

Research shows that dogs help reduce stress and anxiety. If you have not tried it, we can take for example the therapy with dogs, which is very used to reduce the stress in sick people.

4. Dogs keep us warm at night

Being warm is probably one of our biggest problems when the weather is pretty cold. During the winter months it is good to have a little extra heat in bed and a puppy is always a great source of heat.

5. Dogs reduce the risk of developing depression

All the pet owners know that their love is unconditional. If you tend to be depressed or if you have depression, being close to a dog can have fantastic effects. A dog in bed is guaranteed that the night will be quieter. Fall asleep, it will not be so difficult!

6. A dog makes you feel safe

Not surprisingly, research shows that people feel more secure when they sleep with someone on their side. Be it a human or animal partner, people are convinced that bed sharing is always good for our sense of security.

7. It is also good for your dog to let him sleep in your bed

The advantages are not solely and exclusively for us. Your pet also benefits greatly from sleeping with you! No one else in this world loves your dog as much as you do! So if you allow him to sleep with you this is a sign of love and protection, which he understands as the exponent of trust. After all, while you sleep, “lower your guard,” and he knows that there is complicity in your relationship.

We love our pets and if they want to sleep with us we allow it. Is that you? What is your opinion?

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