Rescuers tell owner that his dog died. Their lie saved the poor dog’s life.

We despise animal cruelty. Those who have animal shelters or who participate in animal rescue actions should be praised as the heroes they are! But if, however, the very person who should care for and protect hurt and abandoned animals is responsible for their mistreatment?

You are probably wondering, like us, how can this be possible? Why would anyone hurt such a helpless creature? How does a person escape unpunished, committing all these cruelties? Why did not someone have the courage to denounce this heartless individual?

For a dog named Lucy, it was her owner who mistreated her. An owner of a shelter that broke her jaw and beat up the poor animal …

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When the international animal rescue organization, Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation, heard about Lucy’s situation, they knew they needed to intervene. But how? How could they save sweet Lucy, and take her from Egypt to the United States safely, without alerting the owner?

The solution to this dilemma arose when Lucy’s owner left her for a short time. The animal was rescued and flew to Philadelphia. On his return, the former owner of the dog was informed by the shelter team that his dog had died. Maybe at no surprise, but the owner showed no emotion after learning about Lucy’s “death” …

Since her rescue, the little girl is getting better and better. Her loving nature is unfolding, though the poor girl still has trouble having men around. We are sure that with much love and constant support, Lucy will learn to trust again and find a definitive home, next to someone who loves her.

As for her former owner, we expect him to pay for all his crimes and that he will never again approach another animal!

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