Rescuers head out looking for 2 kittens in the park and find 100 abandoned cats

There are millions of homeless animals on the streets, and the number is still increasing day by day if they are not spayed and neutered. This is exactly what happens in this park in Ukraine. When the rescuers at the Love Furry Friends heard about two newly abandoned kittens in the park, they had no idea what they would come across.

The two kind women immediately headed out after receiving the call. They quickly found the two kittens in a cardboard box, both were so tiny and frightened. Luckily they got saved by the right people!

When the rescuers were about to bring them home, they noticed a few adult cats around the park. And once they started to call them, they were both taken by surprise as at least twenty more cats showed up at the same time!

According to the passerby, there were about over one hundred trays cats wandering around this park, many of them were pregnant or already had kittens. They all seemed to be pretty hungry, so the two sympathetic women decided to buy some food and feed them once.

They also spotted a cute little hedgehog in the park!

After feeding the cats, the compassionate women headed back home – with their two rescued kittens of course. But they didn’t plan to just leave other pitiful cats there. The two promised them to come back another day to give them food again, and above all, help their spay and neuter.

The two lucky boys were taken to a vet clinic, where these rescuers were relieved to learn that they were both clean and healthy. The tabby cat was adopted shortly afterward, while the other boy – Jam had to stay for a while. But it didn’t matter though, all that matters was he had been safe, and loved. There’s no doubt that he would find his own forever home real quick.

Watch the pawsome rescue here:

Source: Paws World


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