Rescuers find scared and injured dog trying to hide inside a bag

Recently, Animal Aid received a call about a sick pup, who lived in the streets. When they arrived at the scene, the puppy was so scared he was hidden inside a bag. The poor animal didn’t trust anyone and screamed in pain when he was touched…


The puppy just came out of the bag to eat the crackers the rescue team had brought. The volunteers carefully took the dog and took him to the Animal Aid facilities, where he received immediate treatment. It was at that moment that they discovered the source of his pain: a deepĀ cut on his hip.

The puppy has bloomed

With the necessary care and lots of love, the frightened dog made an incredible transformation and was a reason of pride for all the saviors.


This is undoubtedly a case of success, which fills our hearts with joy.

Scared and injured dog tries to hide inside a bag

Follow the transformation of the loving dog in the video below:

Luckily, the help arrived on time and it turned out all well for this incredible animal. Share the emotional rescue with your friends and family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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