Rescued puppy was so traumatized he wouldn’t let anyone touch him

A cruel, unfeeling owner decided that his dog wasn’t worthy of his love any longer. He drove during a rainstorm in the middle of the night and threw his precious dog out of his vehicle.

It was cold and unforgiving and the poor pup had no idea what was going on. He cried out, desperately, but it was of no use. No one could hear him. He curled up into the corner of a dilapidated building and fell asleep.

As his belly began to ache from hunger, he woke up and cried for help again. This time someone heard him and called a local rescue group.

When they arrived, the dog was so scared. His whole body shook and he tucked himself deep into a corner and hid his face. He was so traumatized! There was no way he was this scared just from being abandoned. Something sinister must have been going on for a long time.

The rescuers brought the dog back to the shelter and patiently comforted him the best they could.

But even days later, he was still cowered in the corner, refusing to make eye contact. The dog’s new human friends name him Dymka.

Dymka is so afraid that he pees every time someone tries to touch him. This type of trauma will take time to heal, if that’s even possible! As they say in the video below, the traumatized dog wanted to be invisible. He’d sit still for hours in his kennel hoping no one would notice him.

Once his medical issues are addressed, rescuers are hoping he’ll feel better and come around but it’s not that simple. Dymka has lost faith in humanity and his new friends had to teach him that people are still capable of kindness.

With continued persistence, Dymka came out of the kennel corner more and more. He wasn’t ready for complete interaction but he showed promise… like little tail wags. When he finally allowed the woman who saved him to touch him, it was eye-opening. Her gentle petting felt amazing and Dymka was forever changed.

It was a slow process but no one was giving up on Dymka. They were finally able to introduce him to other dogs and that was exactly what Dymka needed! Wait until you see his transformation!

Animal cruelty is a very real thing. Any human who steps forward to help rehabilitate these animals is a hero. They deserve all of our gratitude. To see Dymka finally enjoying life, check him out below!

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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