Rescued Pitbull was afraid of everything until he met his new family

After Meatloaf was abandoned and left on his own, he was hit by a car while roaming the streets and was was helped by someone. Meatloaf was rescued by Rescue Animals In Need (RAIN) that realised by its condition and behavior, that the dog went through much more than just a car accident.

Meatloaf was covered in skin infections and, scabies suffered from double ear infections and was around 20 pounds underweight. He was afraid of everything and, based on his injuries and his obvious neglect, his saviors assumed that he was probably used as a bait dog for dog fights at some point.

Despite his terrible past and intense fears, Meatloaf was thrilled to finally be being cared for. And even if all his new friends in the rescue could say he was scared, he never stopped wagging his tail and, he seemed to be desperately trying to overcome his anxiety.

Meatloaf was placed in a foster home while he healed from his many injuries, and eventually, it was time to start searching for his forever home. His foster mom met a few prospective adopters, but none of them felt like quite the right fit. After everything he’d been through, Meatloaf’s foster mom desperately wanted to find him the perfect family where he could thrive. She was worried she would never find a family she was completely comfortable handing him over to — until she met Brittney Strugala. 

A home

Strugala was helping her best friend look for a dog to adopt, and when she came across Meatloaf’s picture, she suddenly had the strongest feeling that she needed to adopt him herself; that he was meant to be her dog. She and her fiancé had been considering adopting a friend for their other pit bull, Sky, and Strugala knew in her heart that Meatloaf was the dog they had been waiting for. 

The only problem was the couple’s apartment management wouldn’t allow them to have more than one dog — and so they decided to move. 

I immediately fell in love andi knew I had to have him,” Strugala told The Dodo. “I was looking at him for over a month with no hope of even getting him because I lived with other people and couldn’t get another dog. Well, some things changed and we moved out the next month and our new landlord not only let us have one pit bull, she let us have two! So, the first day we moved in, I applied for him.” 

As soon as their situation of life changed, the couple took the opportunity to receive Meatloaf in their family. And just five days after they moved to the new location, Meatloaf arrived at his new home.

Although most of the Meatloaf’s injuries were cured by the time he was rescued, he was still very anxious. But her new family was determined to help him, though they knew it could be a long way.

“I knew that he would be a lot of work and I wanted to be a part of it all the way,” Strugala said. 

Overcoming Fear

He loved his new family from the outset, and despite his fears of small things like sudden noises, he seemed immediately comfortable in his new home and trusted his new family members – especially his sister dog, Sky. With Sky’s help, Meatloaf slowly became less afraid of things. And he is able to deal with what comes his way as long as he has her by his side.

“He’s not too scared right now because we show him they’re not scary,” Strugala said.” Sky also helps him feel invincible.”

Now, Meatloaf is the happiest, goofiest pit bull around, and could not love his new life more. He absolutely adores cuddling with his parents, and throws little tantrums every time they have to leave for work. He follows his sister Sky around everywhere, and seems to have finally accepted that as long as he has his family, he’ll never have to feel scared ever again. 

Source: The Dodo


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