Rescued Pitbull talks to her mom nonstop

Woo woo woo. That’s exactly what Pitbull, Maisy, has to say to her mom all day.

Her mother is happy to hear her sweet dog talking to her because they are engaging in frequent conversations! When Maisy is extremely happy, her mother says she is super chatty.

Things weren’t always so cheerful for Maisy or her mother, Marisa Elbert.

Maisy lived in the open air in a kennel alone for three long years. Her previous family ignored her, only brought her to try to procreate her, and when she couldn’t conceive, they would kill her. They said she was ugly and a waste of money to feed her.

Fortunately, a family friend approached her and took her to an animal rescue.

Since Elbert went through three losses recently, a friend of hers tagged her on social networks to look at Maisy. Elbert was in love and knew she had to bring Maisy home.

She lost her 13-year-old Pitbull, her father and then the next year, her mother.

Both Maisy and her mother celebrate life. Maisy is exactly what Elbert needed in her life. She said, “I needed something to cheer me up.”

Well, Maisy, it looks like you and your mother have found a happy ending.

Watch the fabulous story in the video below.

Source: I Love My Dog


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