Rescued dog was so mistreated that he barely looked like a dog

The puppy was almost totally hairless and its skin was red in raw flesh, little resembling the beautiful dog that had once been. The hearts of the volunteers who came to rescue him were broken by the pain of the pet, and they knew they needed to help him.

In January 2016, veterinary technician Sara Harper was recruited to help Dobby. At the age of 5, the dog was malnourished and with various diseases spread throughout the body.

“We were horrified by his malnutrition,” Sara told The Dodo. “His body was hairless, the skin ‘raw’ and bloody, as well as his feet, and his toenails grew so much that they curled into his paws. Besides, he had fleas and scabies. “

Sara referred Dobby to an animal rehabilitation clinic, where she began treating him immediately. The volunteers could not imagine how much he was suffering at that moment.

They trimmed his nails, gave him a shower, and began to apply recommended medication. Despite all his ills, Dobby never complained or attacked anyone. Throughout the treatment, he was extremely sweet to the staff and seemed very grateful to be helping him.

For months, Dobby underwent medicinal baths to help heal his skin and allow it to grow again as well as his hair. He was still a long way from being adopted when his future family saw a photo of him on Facebook, interested in taking him home.


Liz Ford was looking for a puppy to adopt after losing two puppies who died due to a respiratory illness.

With the help of the NGO Pawsibilities Rescue, specializing in adopting pets, she met Dobby and decided to take him home.

“I could not believe it when I saw him,” Liz said. “When I went to pick him up, there was Dobby sitting on the floor waiting for my arrival. He jumped on my lap when I called him. I was in love. “

Dobby gained the company of Wylie, another dog rescued one day quite debilitated by diseases and malnutrition. Both recovered, they went to live together in the house of Liz. They quickly became best friends, getting high pranks in her mother’s living room.

Two months after adoption, Dobby was fully recovered, with a healthy layer of white hairs covering his skin.

Now 100% healthy, he likes to play and run around his mother’s house with his brother Wylie and has never been so happy. His new family is proud of his courage and perseverance after so many months battling the illnesses that plagued him!

“Without a doubt, he is well-healed!” Says Liz. “Looking at Dobby now you would never know what he had to go through … He’s a lucky boy and, now he has the warmth and companionship of a mother who loves him so much,” he says.

Source: Portal Do Animal


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