Rescue dog who was afraid of everything sleeps in his human brother’s room and realizes he’s safe

It was a difficult start in Hedgie’s life. He had been tied up throughout his childhood and never knew love. The poor dog was afraid of everyone and everything. When he was finally adopted and taken home by his new family, he just hid under the table.

That’s when Mason decided to take the dog to his room at night. And when the next morning came, it was like Hedgie was a completely different dog! The bond they formed at that moment would last forever. They have become inseparable friends who do everything together.

But one day, Hedgie began to have trouble walking and eating. He was taken to the vet where he was diagnosed with megaesophagus, but placing him on the floor was not an option for this family. Instead, they would feed him in a special chair. In addition to her disorder, the family knew that the dog was healthy and had a lot of life to live. And they were right.

This Dog Trusts His Brother More Than Anyone

This shelter dog was so shy around his new family — then he started hanging out with his brother

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, January 7, 2019

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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