Puppies are rejected by mother – then a cat enters the scene

The idea of rivalry between dogs and cats is a great myth invented by humans, and the story we’ll meet today proves it. Often, people assume these two species as rivals, yet when it comes to manifesting love and compassion among each other, they are always ready.

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The maternal instinct is something universal, it cannot be stopped, much less denied…

Youtube – USA TODAY

In 2014, Debra Cantwel (SPCA) met a Chihuahua, who gave birth to their babies prematurely. Unfortunately, two puppies eventually died and the shattered mother could not overcome the trauma!

Youtube – USA TODAY

“We had a Chihuahua who brought her babies to the world prematurely, and two of the little ones didn’t survive.” Because of the trauma this episode caused to the mother, she didn’t want to take care of the other two.”

Then a cat that was in the infirmary came into action… The staff put the puppies near her and the kitten loved the idea!

Youtube – USA TODAY

The cat welcomed the dogs as if they were her own babies, and that was exactly what they needed to survive in this world. Fortunately, the shelter volunteers found out the perfect solution.

Puppies are rejected by mother

Watch the video below to get to know a little more about this unusual case:

Everyone was nervous because they didn’t know if the cat would accept the new babies. Fortunately, she fell in love and welcomed them as if they were her own babies… It is wonderful to see how animals love each other, even though they are so different.

We still have a lot to learn from animals and this incredible case is proof of that. Share if you agree!

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