Ragnar, the rescued dog with only 18kg that begs for help

A supportive neighbor of the city of Elche, in Alicante, Spain, rescued a mastiff puppy about to collapse and his history has a whole country in suspense. The anonymous hero found the creature on the premises of the cleaning company Urbaser and noticing his terrible state decided to help him.

Ragnar, as they decided to call him, was starving and in a very critical state.

His body of scarce 18 kg suffers not only malnutrition but because of a painful abscess in an ear and face, areas where worms would have lodged because of the infection.

The usual weight of these animals is around 60 kg, but Ragnar is well below that and his condition is really critical.

Fortunately, the man who rescued him decided to take him to Hondon de las Nieves and subsequently contacted the Elche Animal Protection Association of Saved Footprints. There they took care of the puppy and transferred it to another veterinary center for further studies.

His condition was classified as “very serious” by the doctors who attend him at the veterinary clinic where he was in agony.

The specialists do their best to save his life but the truth is that much of the work belongs to this warrior, whose name has been conceived in honor of the legendary Nordic king, Ragnar Lodbrok.

The association has resorted to public solidarity for this case because in just 24 hours they have already accumulated a medical bill that exceeds 1,000 euros.

One of the invoices that the Association had to cancel for the expenses of this cute.

Ragnar left his critical condition but remains in the veterinary center under 24-hour supervision, which means more expenses. In addition, a CT scan was performed, but people’s hearts were not limited and donations started to arrive.

Saved Footprints provided the necessary information from the accounts in which donations can be received, as well as the progress of this great warrior.

As they commented: “Ragnar was calmer and it was not necessary to sleep with him by the scanner”. It seems that this dog recognized that these people around him are just trying to help him and that his life of terror is over.

However, there is still a way to go for recovery.

At the moment, doctors must perform a biopsy, because, in addition to the infection, the puppy has a mass of cells in the head and must exclude any tumor. Based on the results, doctors will establish the way forward and, in the meantime, the link is to collaborate as much as possible with Ragnar.

Source: Zoorprendente


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