Puppy was about to die, but was saved by good Samaritans

Cruelty to animals must be punished more. Unfortunately, every day we encounter horrible cases. In the face of these despicable acts, there are people who fight for the animals and try to save them.

In India, a boy called an emergency rescue organization. A malnourished puppy was left alone in the street, behind a cardboard box. He looked as if he was about to die.

Fortunately, one puppy’s life was saved when rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited intervened.

When the team arrived, they were shocked to see the state of the little animal. The puppy was behind the cardboard box, unconscious and panting. If they had come a few hours later, the puppy would not have survived.

The dog was rushed to the veterinary hospital. He was dehydrated, possibly due to severe diarrhea and extremely low blood pressure.

Although the vets feared that treatment might come too late, they decided to give it their best shot.

Fortunately, the treatment worked. The puppy recovered gradually, as we can see in the touching video below. A day later, the puppy, named Lily, was already much better, to everyone’s joy.

Watch Lily’s amazing survival story in the video below, and if it touched you, share it with your friends!

Source: Incroyable

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