Puppy waits with her little owner for the school bus every day to make sure she gets it safely

A puppy has become a big internet star in China. This happened after images of her waiting with her young owner for the school bus became viral.

The loyal pet from central China ‘escorts’ the five-year-old girl to her bus stop every morning to make sure she gets on the vehicle safely.

It then returns to the same spot in the afternoon to ‘pick up’ the kindergarten pupil before walking home with her.

The heart-warming friendship between the child and her devoted animal companion is captured by a series of videos uploaded by the girl’s mother to Chinese short-video platform Douyin.

One clip, uploaded on Monday, shows the dog wagging its tail excitingly when a yellow school bus turned the corner and drove towards the girl.

After the vehicle stopped, a teacher came down to help the girl get on the bus while the dog walked happily through the pair.

The girl’s mother, who calls herself ‘Yu Xi Ma’ in Douyin, said she filmed the video to show her followers how the faithful pet protected her daughter.

Source: Daily Mail


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