Man finds puppy tied to Railroad tracks

Oregon resident Jared Twedell was on his way to the local recycling center when he noticed something strange. “I thought it was a deer lying on the tracks.” Soon a pair of ears got up and Twedell realized that, in fact, this animal was a dog.

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The poor animal was tied to the trails

“I went into panic mode,” said Twedell. “He tried to walk toward the car and the rope pulled him back.” The train passes that area at least three times a day, and Twedell had no idea how much time he had. Worried, the man ran out of the car!

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“He was obviously scared,” Twedell said. “I was worried about whether or not he would let me get close to him. I patted my leg and said, ‘Hey buddy!’ His tail just started wagging.<”

The only concern at that moment was to make sure the dog was untied safely. The young dog was exhausted from being in the heat. Besides, it soon became clear that someone intentionally left him out.

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“The rope was tied in an eight figure, like you would use to tie a boat to a dock,” said Twedell. “Someone did it 100% on purpose.”

Then the man put the dog  in his car and later he was called Samson.

In addition to a small cut in the neck, Samson did not seem to have major health problems. He was not thin, and his nails were not too big. Even better, Samson made new friends, including two other rescue dogs, cats and a rabbit.

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“The dogs have all been getting along great,” said Twedell. “All they have been doing since I brought Samson home is play.”

Despite his large size, Samson is only 6 months old and is expected to grow even more. For now, Twedell is hosting a puppy temporarily … However, he is likely to become a permanent member of the family.

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“He’s a really great dog,” said Twedell.

Thanks to Twedell’s incredible gesture, the dog was entitled to a second chance at life. We need more people like this in the world. Share this exciting rescue with your friends and family!

Source: The Dodo


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