Puppy that survived after being thrown in a car is adopted

We’ve seen too many stories of abuse. Each one may be worse than the other, but ultimately and fortunately, many of them end in happy endings. The same can be said for the little puppy that stars in this story.

Everything that happened around this little boy was very confusing at first. Apparently the problems started one night at a gas station in Pueblo, Colorado. A mother and daughter were sitting inside their vehicle while they were refueling.

No one knows how this little doggy fell into the hands of a guy so cruel.

Suddenly, a guy completely out of his mind came out of nowhere and threw something at the car.

The woman and her daughter didn’t realize what it was until they heard a little dog crying. The puppy hit the roof of the car, slipped through the rear window and landed on the suitcase.

Luckily, this cute puppy made it through this episode unscathed.

After the impact, the pup ran out into the street, terrified. The woman in the car rushed out to save the puppy.

She knew she was in grave danger because the road was dark and her coat was completely black.

The happy moment when Bob meets his mother.

She put him under the car and asked a passerby for help. The police arrived but the puppy was scared and refused to come out.

Officer Keegan Verduga of the Pueblo Police Department thought of a quick solution to that dilemma.

He knew that most puppies can’t refuse a good gift, so he graciously shared his dinner with the little one.

Officer Verduga lay down on the floor and lured the puppy to safety with the help of some delicious snacks!

It wasn’t long before Bob found his mother.

The person who hurt the puppy was accused of animal cruelty and the puppy was taken to the Pikes Peak Region Animal Protection Society, where he was named Bob.

Little Bob is very healthy. Despite all that had happened, the shelter staff said they were wagging their tails and chasing after each other to find someone to give them some love.

Bob spent Christmas with a foster family so he wouldn’t have to be alone in a shelter. Then, on December 27, Bob received the best gift of all: a new mom! Beth Cisneros was the lucky one to bring this adorable doggie home and soon baptized him Buddy.

Buddy was placed in Beth’s arms where he immediately sank to her chest and bathed her with puppy kisses. Who could resist all this love?

And as you can see, he and Beth seem to have immediately connected.

Source: Zoorprendente


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